Benefits of massage

There are a number of benefits of massage including:

  • The patient’s circulation can be improved.
  • The massage can induce a soothing feeling as the nervous system responds better than any other body system to massage.
  • By stimulating the flow of lymph towards the lymph glands a massage can help eliminate waste and toxic products.
  • A massage can help the digestive process become more efficient as well.
  • The respiration system also responds to massage treatment by stimulating the circulation system.
  • Last but by no means least, massage obviously has many benefits for the muscular system by addressing various muscular conditions and injuries.

There are a number of specific injuries that can be either treated or rehabilitated with the aid of remedial massage: Back pain, spasm & disc problems, Stiff necks & frozen shoulders, Posture related aches & pains, Stress relief & sleep problems, Tension headaches & migraines, Circulation problems and Recovery from surgery. A summary of these is also shown on the diagram below:


If you have need for a physiotherapist, Stephen Oakley is your man. He came highly recommended & having gone today I can understand why. After an hour of massage I left far more mobile then when I arrived. I would definitely return if necessary.

Liane Rubens