Stiff necks & frozen shoulders

Stiff necks are becoming an increasingly common problem due to more people spending long periods of time driving, on a computer or watching tv. Massage in this area is where quick results and instant release are most common and easily treatable. Frozen shoulders which are down to muscular problems respond equally well to this kind of therapy.

Stiff neck, shoulder

I have a disability with the nerves and muscles in my neck and arms/hands. So I need to have a regular, proper sports massage, to keep everything moving freely, and pain-free. Stephen is extremely knowledgeable and when I describe a certain area where there is pain he seems to have a sixth sense in finding the exact point and knowing how to get in properly to release the tension.

He is extremely experienced and knowledgeable with regards to the body, and a jolly nice chap as well! There is also the added convenience that he will come to your home which I find, as a busy professional, extremely handy. I would highly recommend him to anybody.

Rebeka Fiona – Photographer