Below are a selection of testimonials from existing and previous patients for a range of problems taken from the testimonials on Google.

since I was 15 and injured my back I have struggled with back pain. I have been to chiropractors and all i felt was adjusted was my bank balance. I’ve been to physio’s and they said strengthen your core and the NHS wanted to operate on me (well all no how that would end, me in more pain than the start). i randomly searched massage into Google and massage hands popped up i rang and got an appointment the same day. what Steven provides works! its simple yet affective! It really has changed my life im a personal trainer by trade and it has improved my training and reduced my pain massively. i recommend Steven to all my clients and they feel the benefit also. MASSAGE HANDS WORKS

Michael Hesketh

You have any problems with Muscles, Tissues, Trap nerves often caused due to sports injuries then i suggest Stephen is your guy. I have not met such an honest person till date with respect to the no of sessions he will want in fixing or showing a solution to your problem. He is sincere in letting you know whether he can help you or not. I attended with him for Sciatica problem (Shooting pain down the leg) suffering from 3 years and he showed me a path to recovery. I am fan of stephen now with his adeptness to finding and solving the root causes of ailments. Stephen is surely one of those best guys in the market (well not exactly in high street) who you will find. I am lucky to have been referred to Stephen from one of my collegues. If i find anyone with problems related to what Stephen can look into i always referred them and almost all of them have success stories. In a statement i can say if you are referred to Stephen, then you are in safe hands unlike the High Street guys. Regards Shahid

Shaik Shahid

I had been suffering from work-related shoulder pain for years before I went to see Stephen. He quickly found the root of the problem. Within a few sessions the discomfort was drastically reduced to almost nothing. I still do the same type of work and the same muscles get overused so I now visit every 6 weeks just to stop the problem returning. Stephen is a truly excellent therapist.

Bubba Daniels

I have been treated by Stephen for a while now after hearing a recommendation from a friend. He tries various techniques on my injuries and I can honestly say the results have been amazing. I highly recommend his services.