Posture related aches & pains

Whether the pains are down to sitting behind a computer all day or a lot of driving we often don’t think about our posture when things get busy and stressful and this can lead to us altering the way our body works. If we do this long enough our muscles start to think that these incorrect positions are the norm and alter accordingly. Massage is very effective at helping loosen these areas and allowing the body to return to its natural state.


I was given Stephens contact details through Mr King at The Alex as Stephen was already treating another of his clients. I have been suffering with terrible disc pain for two years and also have SPD which developed through my pregnancy.

I have been passed from consultant to consultant and from physio to physio also having facet joint injections to help control the pain. After the first session with Stephen, i felt like finally i had found the help i had been looking for for so long. I had better mobility and for the first time since my daughter was born nine months ago i could actually pick her up without feeling severe pain.

Stephen genuinely cares for his clients and is always there if you need advice or you need some urgent treatment. I am so grateful to him for his expert help and his caring attitude.

Emma Hankinson